NOR001: Louis Minus Seize – Birds and Bats (SOLD OUT/Stream here)
NOR002: Dystopian Architect – Krybbedod (Stream/Buy here)
NOR003: Next Life – Year of the Metal Monkey – Demo (Stream/Buy here)
NOR004: Aafke Romeijn – Stella – The Cold Case EP (SOLD OUT/Stream here)
NOR005: DONNé ET DESIRéE – Three World Premieres (Stream/Buy here)
NOR006: Kanine – Broken Jazz (SOLD OUT/Stream here)
NOR007: Will Guthrie – Snake Eyes (SOLD OUT/Stream here)
NOR008: The Dear Listeners – In Hyperreality (Stream/Buy here)
NOR009: The Ames Room – Struggling In Public (SOLD OUT/Stream here)
NOR010: Majeure – Transmittance (Stream/Buy here)
NOR011: Machinefabriek – Kluwen (SOLD OUT/Stream here)
NOR012: Colin Webster – it’s on like boiled corn (Stream/Buy here)
NORD01: White Noise Sessions Volume 1 (Free download here)
NOR013: Batalj – S/T (Stream/Buy here)
NOR014: Majeure – Solar Waves (Stream/Buy here)
NOR015: Skullfuck – Day Of The Black Sun (Stream/Buy here)
NOR016: Machinefabriek – Sprank (Stream/Buy here)
NORD02: Meglamancha – Soil (Stream/Buy here)
NOR017: Colin Webster / Andrew Lisle – Void Into Shape (Stream/Buy here)
NOR018: Forceps – heaven is a place on hell (Stream/Buy here)


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